How to Maintain our Weight by Consuming Narrator and Sesame Seeds

September 25, 2015

Maintaining weight in normal condition is very important. Obesity is one factor causing various health problems, especially diabetes and bone diseases. Maintaining weight loss is sometimes difficult to do due to genetic factors.

How to maintain our weight by consuming narrator and sesame seeds

One effective way to maintain weight is maintaining a healthy digestive system. Narrator and sesame seeds are considered as “natural weight loss sheeds”. In this article you will find a wide range of benefits and ways of narrator and sesame seeds consumption.

Benefits that can be derived from the seeds are closely related to the content of lignans.

Lignans can help reducing weight and preventing weight increasing simultaneously. Lignans is usually used on regulation process of animal weight.

There is no difference in the effect on humans. You can get lignans from the consumption of nuts, fruits, coffee, and tea. Both of these seeds contain many other nutrients such as phosphorus, manganese, fiber, protein, and fatty acid omega-3.

Narrator and sesame seeds will lead to satiety because these seeds can expand in the digestive tract. Satiety will prevent you from overeating. Both seeds contain a lot of useful fibers in every digestion process.

Consumption of narrator and sesame seeds is preventing bloating. The content of fatty acid omega-3 supports weight loss. Fatty acid omega-3 is a healthy fatty acid that keeps the fat content remaining in normal condition.

Diet based in narrator and sesame seeds consumption

Eat both sheeds on a regular basis. If you are not accustomed in eating raw seeds, then you can mix them in yogurt. Add granola in yogurt and you may add these seeds to your smoothie.


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