How To Make Alkaline Water To Fight Fatigue, Digestive Issues And Cancer

December 25, 2015

Let it be known that a healthy body is always going to have slight level of alkalinity. but the fact is that most of the people nowadays are more acidic. The causes include the diet, stress and our environment.

How To Make Alkaline Water To Fight Fatigue, Digestive Issues And Cancer

There is critical reasoning behind keeping your body slightly alkaline. If you have acidic body, you are at higher risk of suffering from weight gain, digestive problems and fatigue.

When our body remains acidic for longer duration, our healthy cells turn toxic and even cancerous.

The Facts Behind This

The pH scale reads between 0 and 14 (7 is neutral and anything less is acidic and higher is alkaline). The fact is that our body is made to live healthily in an environment with slightly alkaline pH of 7.4.

But our different organs and bodily systems work in different levels of pH.

  •  Our saliva has a pH value in the range of 6.5 and 7.0. The acidic nature helps in digesting foods.
  •  Our skin has pH level of 5 (the International Journal of Cosmetic Science published a study in 2006 that it should be even lower at 4.5 or 4 to allow certain bacteria for healing and fighting infections).
  •  Our digestive tract has pH level between 1.5 and 7.0. It is because of many factors, but most importantly our food.

Importance of Alkalinity

Human beings have known it for thousands of years that our diet has an effect on our body’s overall pH and health. Dr. Otto Warburg of Germany won the 1931 Nobel Prize for Physiology/Medicine for discovering that up to 95% of all cancers have acidic environment as the cause behind them. He also showed that cancers cannot thrive in an alkaline environment where the pH level is 7.36 or more.

Since his discovery, there have been many studies that showed how the pH levels of our foods affected our body – raising/lowering acidity and alkalinity.

Warburg’s discovery has been one of the biggest breakthroughs. He claimed almost a century ago that acidosis (excess acidity) is not only connected to development of cancer, it could also cause other diseases  like osteoporosis, diabetes, heart disease and almost all other chronic diseases which we suffer from nowadays.

Tell Your Body’s Acidic Levels

There are 2 quick ways to tell if your body’s environment is acidic. One is to use the normal pH paper and conduct the saliva test. The second one is to see if you suffer from these chronic symptoms:

  •  Feeling fatigued constantly
  •  Muscular cramps or pain even after walking for a short distance
  •  Running out of breath instantly
  •  Always feeling that there is shortage of air

Whenever your pH levels start falling, your body makes a natural attempt of self regulation to enter homeostasis. It will do so through the capture and storage of all the acidic substance within your organs, especially liver, lungs and kidneys. It attempts to bring the overall pH to between 7.35 and 7.45.

The acidic substances when stored will start harming the healthy cells. This damages the healthy cells and makes them sick and toxic.

When this remains the condition for a long duration, the damaged and sick cells metastasize. They start growing without any control and also spread to your other organs and body parts.

Taking Excessively Acidic Diet

A major cause behind chronic acidosis is our modern diet that is full of sugars, processed foods, alcohol and caffeine. Even the growth hormones, pesticides and additives added to our foods are very acidic.

An effective strategy will be to flush our body using alkaline water (bringing changes to diet is also one other strategy).

Our body has 70% water. So when you take alkaline water, you help your body in creating homeostasis.

Preparing your Alkaline Water

You will need the following simple ingredients which are readily available in your home:

  •  Organic lemon – 1
  •  Purified water – 2 liters (osmosis filtered water or water free from additives and chemicals)
  •  Himalayan salt – 1 tbsp (available in health food stores)

And one large glass jar. Don’t use plastic jars.

How to Prepare?

Take the glass jar and fill it up with water.

  •  Slice the lemon and add to the jar.
  •  Add the salt.

Close the jar and let the mixture sit at normal temperature for up to 1 day.

Take 3 glasses of alkaline water in the morning when you have an empty stomach. You can also drink it through the day. Gradually, you will start feeling more energetic. Your mind will become more alert and your skin will get a clearer and healthier look.

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