How To Save Yourself If You Are Choking

May 5, 2015

One of the worst things in life is choking on food. We have all probably choked at least once on something, or witnessed someone else choking. But what do you do when you are choking and there is no one there to help save you?


It can be a very scary time. But you must save yourself. This is very valuable information to know and you should also pass it on to everyone so they too can save themselves if they are all by themselves.
If you are choking and are all alone you need to do this:
1. Begin by getting down on your knees. Go into a push up position,letting the arms go in the northward position.

2. Flop the body down on the ground with force. There should be enough force to dislodge the item that is lodged.

3. This will not work for someone that is pregnant.

This may need to be done more than once. This can be a very effective way to get the item unlodged.
Do use caution and make sure there is enough room to flop down so you do not hit your head on anything, as you do not want to be knocked out while trying to save yourself.



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