How to Stay Healthy and Happy 100 Years? Ten Secret from Okinawa, Japan

November 14, 2015

Okinawa Japan is located in North of Taiwan and have been famous as hot spot for longevity secret. Okinawa is unrivaled for spirituality, health and body-mind connection. In fact, Okinawa has high amount of centenarian those who live past hundred in the world about fifty per one hundred thousand compared to five-ten per one hundred thousand in the United State of America. There is not aberage olf folk, either.

How to Stay Healthy and Happy 100 Years Ten Secret from Okinawa, Japan

In the west, people associate old age with dementia, misery, nursing home and joint pain, but in Okinawa most centenarians feel surprise and happy independent.

Any diseases such as; cancer, Alzheimers, heart diseases and autism is virtually unheard at least until people are ninety. It is interesting enough, when Okinawan was removed from their society and rituals, then they adopt an western or American lifestyle, their age limit start to parallel of citizen USA. What is their secret exactly? Although genes play main role, its seem and look like lifestyle is the main contributor.

In 2000, Okinawa centenarian research was published some fact and fascinating longevity.

First, plant based diet. Okinawa is beauty tropical island and can help everone mood. There is great secret to Okinawa success because of plant is closed into equator where the sunlight damage may be greater. They prevent and protect themselves by resulting high amount of anti-oxidant and phytochemical to stay alive. This nutrient can protect plant from sun ray effects and animal/insect consumption. This phytochemcial is correct free-radical to reduce or eliminate inflammation from human body. Okinawa cenetarian eat ten serving veggies and fruits in everyday. All their foods are organic.

Second, no animal protein. In Okinawa the human population flows plant base diet where people grow as their daily foods. It was eight percent plant based diet with twenty percent reserved for fish and special ceremony. There is also free-antioxidant, cruelty and hormone in western cultures for factory farm.

Third, good fat and high flavanoids with estrogenic component from food. Okinawa people eat natural root vegetable, leafy greens, grains, non gmo fermented soy and sweet potatoes up to ninty percent GMO in the united state. Example such as; flax, miso and tempeh are great foods for menopause and liver.

Women with great experience of menopause in natural with fever complication. The secret is goya and bitter gourd. It is bitter melon and contain of vitamin C, magnesium, phosphorus, beta carotene, vitamin B. zinc and iron. This foods contain phyto-nutrient of charantin and insulin with mimicking component called polypeptide P. It has lower blood sugar and good remedies for diabetes.

Fourth, caloric restriction. Okinawa people often practice and exercise Hara HAchi Bu technique where people do not over eat. This technique translate into eight part out of ten, meaning people stop eating when people are eight percent full. The caloric restriction have been debatable but some studi show that caloric restriction without mal-nutrition could be produce measurable benefits and longevity potential. For one things that it useful for lose weight and very good for Americans. The caloric restriction is activated autophagy which processed by older dead cells and cleaned up by another cell to keep and stay human body run and stay at top shape. If human body in-efficient at removing old debries then build-up could lead cardio diseases and neurodegenerative. One study point to hormesis which mean the great benefits of low biological stress intension. The theory propose that caloric restriction diet excited to human immune system and highten to defensive state by induce small number of stress and lead to longevity genes though science based epi-genetic.

Fifth, regular exercise. Okinawa people practice regular exercise for their body and also mind exercise too. We know that how wonderful its feel to complete challenging of yoga classes. Image is people doing this practice every day in insland environment and slower paced. The major exercise such as; dance tai chi, yoga, karate and martial arts are great exercise to connect between body and mind though spiritual process. There is no smokes. Okinawa people have few osteoporosis. They didn’t drink a lot of milk because they eat more plants with calcium compound. People activate vitamin D and protect their bone health by spending time in outside room.

Sixth, good attitude. Hen people polled, Okinawan have high score in ability to handle any stress situation consistently. They enjoy slower paced and support network. The study show that there is low homocysteine level, a inflammation amino acid to protect heart diseases. Okinawan have great risk of heart attack up to eight percent.

Seventh, knit community. People are social being who need other support and love from other people, friend and lovely person. Up to eighty percent Okinawan live live independent with spouse nd they never give up for their lifestyle connection to their community center. They cares each other in sport, exercise and games together. It is great social groups and called moai group. In Okinawa, the growing old group look like respectfully and elder help to their community. There is families visiting tradition with slower paced. It is local festival likes healing herbs and gardening to dance and friend for healing soul and body continuously.

Eighth, Ikigai. Ikigai is purpose, the retirement concept in Okinawa. People belief that they should create life worth by living no matter how old they are. People help each other and continue to look for and find new mission.

Ninth, cultivate spiritual. The spiritual is major part in Okinawa. There is morning spiritual, and meditation with sense of belonging and work collective to get something new and bigger than them. People didn’t shy away from dancing and music as they believe awaken their soul. The native Okinawan play instrument look like traditional banjo in community celebration. Women in Okinawa is yuta or female shaman and noro or priestesses.

Tenth, Western and eastern medical.  Okinawan combine western and eastern aspect to achieve their overall health. The shamanistic heal practice spiritual and western approaches. People belive that health ana vitality and villages. The older women active as religious and spiritual leader as shaman in their villages. The ancient herbs look like traditional Chinese and ayurveda medicine is used in daily life. In fact, people consume turmeric in high quantity and revered for detoxifying and antioxidants on their liver. People can learn their lifestyle from gentle and wise Okinawa people, Japan.

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