Hydrogen Peroxide Uses for Cold and Flu

October 7, 2015

Did you know that cold and flu viruses can possibly  enter the body through the ear?  Dr. Richard Simmons hypothesized this in 1928, but the medical community frowned upon this.

Hydrogen Peroxide Uses for Cold and Flu

In 1938, it was speculated that hydrogen peroxide could help to treat colds and flu, but this data was pushed aside for well over 60 years.  Hydrogen peroxide can kill common cold and flu viruses on contact as it is antibacterial.

How does hydrogen peroxide work to do this?

Well when applied as a remedy for cold and flu, it will react with organic substances, breaking it down to water and oxygen.  Most diseases will not be able to thrive with the extra oxygen that has been added.

Here is how you can treat your cold and flu using straight hydrogen peroxide:

Begin by laying down on your side and placing 6 drops of hydrogen peroxide into the ear.  The peroxide will fizzle.  Lay still for 5 minutes.  Then drain the ear onto a tissue or into the sink.  Repeat with the other ear.  Then go to bed and sleep well.

This method is most effective when the onset of a cold or the flu comes on.


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