Ice Cubes on the Head for Health and Youthfulness

April 4, 2015

Would you believe that an ice cube can boost the energy in the body and make an individual look younger? Ice cubes may also help an individual with balance disorders. But when they are applied to certain body parts, they have more power.

For best results, it is recommended to find the ideal pressure points. Look at the head. The spot that will see the best results will be where the head and the neck meet. This point is known as Feng Fu in Chinese acupuncture.



Lie flat on the stomach, and place one ice cube on the Feng Fu point. One may also sit if this is desired. The ice cube should be held directly in this spot for 20 minutes. It can be secured with a bandage or scarf to keep in place.

This treatment should be done in the morning before anything is consumed, as well as in the evening before bedtime. Do this treatment with 2 days in between each session.

The treatment will feel cold at first. Within a minute, one will feel how heat goes right to the Feng Fu point. Endorphins will be released into the bloodstream, and a feeling of euphoria will be experienced.

The benefits of this treatment include an individual will sleep better, the digestion in the body will be improved, colds will be decreased, the mood will be enhanced and the individual will have better vitality, and joint pain, tooth pain and headaches will be decreased.

When an individual has any of the following conditions, the ice cube method applied to Feng Fu may be applied:

-cardiovascular disease,

-respiratory disease,

-thyroid glands that don’t function properly,

-acute gastrointestinal and ST infections,

-neurological diseases, degenerative changes in the spine,


-hypo tension,


-irregular periods,

-endocrine infertility,



-chronic fatigue,

-psycho-emotional disorders,

-insomnia, cellulite,

-bronchial asthma,



-issues with the gastrointestinal tract.

Please note that this method of treatment will not cure any diseases or disorders. The ice cube method applied to the Feng Fu point will simply rejuvenate the body, strengthening it and keep the body physiologically balanced. The treatment should not be applied if an individual is pregnant, they have a pacemaker, have epilepsy or schizophrenia.


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