Ignore Big Pharma: There Is a Natural Cure Established for Hepatitis C !!!

April 25, 2016

CDC has been considering vaccination program of hepatitis A and hepatitis B for baby boomers. Honestly CDC wants to prevent hepatitis C, but they do not have a vaccine for it. In fact, there are various problems related to the transmission of hepatitis C to the baby boomers.
Ignore Big Pharma There Is a Natural Cure Established for Hepatitis C

Germ theory
In the same era when Louis Pasteur promoted his germ theory, several other French scientists opposed that theory by saying that the psychological condition is more responsible for the emergence of the disease. Of course they simplified everything. Stagnant water is analog with the disease, that both of them only provide an environment for pathogens to survive.
In 1930, Roy Raymond Rive found a virus that was able to change its shape simultaneously through a universal microscope. The invention indicated the ability of the virus to alter the function in accordance with the environmental conditions.
The development of the medical world
Most major pharmaceutical companies are more focused on the manufacture of antiviral drugs instead of creating improvements in diet, lifestyle, herbal and natural supplements. They are too focused on expensive medicines, some of them worth 1000 dollars for one pill. Unfortunately they are not effective.

Safer and effective way

Twenty years ago, Dr. Burton Berkson offered a unique approach in some patients with Hepatitis C. He gave recommendations to patients to do regular exercise, emotional control, and a variety of natural supplements. Here are some natural ingredients recommended by Dr. Berkson:

  •  Alpha Lipoic
    Able to increase glutathione levels and act as an antioxidant agent that is capable of performing the detoxification process in the liver.•  Silymarin
    Herbal extract derived from the processing of milk thistle. The extract can increase levels of glutathione while blocking inflammation and accelerating the regeneration of liver cells.•  Selenium
    To prevent and slow down the replication of the virus that causes hepatitis C.

The recommended dose:
The recommended daily dose is consuming 600 mg of alpha lipoic acid, 900 mg of silymarin, and 400 mg of selenium. You might spend $ 2,000 for a year however that is much cheaper than the various vaccines that can spend $ 90,000 a year.


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