The Importance of Early Anal Cancer Detection

April 15, 2016

Cancer is a medical phenomenon, mainly because of the small possibility of cancer patients to recover. However technological advances in cancer treatment have reduced the amount of cancer deaths worldwide. There is one type of cancer that is often overlooked because of its taboo status in society. I am talking about anal cancer.

The Importance of Early Anal Cancer Detection

Anal cancer is a quite rare cancer type. This type begins from the opening of the anus or rectum.

Most people with this type of cancer feel embarrassed to discuss this disease so that worsen their condition. They are often late in dealing with rectal cancer because of embarrassment.

In the United States, eight thousand people are diagnosed with anal cancer each year, and a thousand of them are being expected to die. In fact, 1 out of 4 patients with anal cancer were diagnosed after they got cancer on their lymph nodes.

As with other types of cancer, anal cancer has few symptoms, including:
• Bleeding in the rectum
• Unusual debit
• Itching in anus
• A lump in the anus

So far the cause of anal cancer is difficult to confirm, but there are several factors that are often associated with anal cancer occurrence, namely smoking, irritation of the anus, and immune system disorders. People with the highest risk are men and women aged over 60 years. If you are a male less than 35 years old then you should be wary and if you are a woman over the age of 50 years, then you have a greater chance of developing anal cancer. However you need to check yourself regularly if you are in a risk group.

You can check by using some methods, the first one is simple X-ray. You can also use the Digital Rectal Exam. The ‘Digital “refers to the numbers on your fingers. The doctor will use a lubricated glove and examine your anal cavity.

Anoscopy is a more rigorous method for using a small tubular instrument, anoscope, which will be inserted into your anus and display the details of what happened there. Each method has its advantages and disadvantages, however early detection of anal cancer is vital to reduce its deaths.


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