The Importance of Magnesium to Human Health

September 9, 2014


The advantages of magnesium intake

We often read about certain minerals and their importance but magnesium is often not part of those lists. The fact is that a list of minerals that are beneficial to human health without magnesium on it is not complete.It is extremely important for good health.

Most of the nutrients are produced by our own body but magnesium is a mineral that needs to be taken through some food or supplement. This mineral is part of several dozens of chemical reactions that take place in our body on daily basis.

This is the reason why each of us needs to take through food rich in magnesium or take supplement. Magnesium is very important for several body functions.


Taking care of the proper level of magnesium is important for:

-bone growth and formation
-more efficient release of energy
-proper and efficient muscle functioning
-proper absorption of calcium
-regulation of body temperature and many other functions.

Situations where we don’t supply our body with enough magnesium

Lack of magnesium in the body is not something uncommon among modern people. This lower than recommended amount of magnesium in our body, can be noticed easily because the symptoms are clearly visible on every part of the body.

Some of the most common symptoms of lack of magnesium include – strong and constant headaches, constipation, cramps, unusual pain in different parts of the body, insomnia, tingling in the feet and hands, anxiety, mood swings etc.

If we take a look at these symptoms it is perfectly clear that magnesium is very important for good health. In addition, many scientific studies have proven the importance of this interesting mineral that cannot be produced by our body.

The link between magnesium and calcium
Magnesium has another important role – it helps the body absorb calcium. In fact, magnesium is the essential factor of proper absorption of calcium in our body.

Calcium is another mineral that is very useful and necessary for proper functioning.

Children often listen to their parents and their lectures about how important calcium is if they want to grow tall and be strong. So, how does exactly magnesium help our body process calcium?

If your body notices that the level of magnesium is low, the body increases the level of so-called parathyroid hormone also known as PTH. This increased level of parathyroid hormones prevents the body to absorb calcium in a proper way.

Furthermore, this situation causes calcification of soft tissues instead of formation and strengthening of bones.

If you are looking for a method to secure proper absorption of calcium in your body, try to find a calcium supplement that contains equal amounts of magnesium and calcium.

MagnesiumSources of magnesium

It can be found in many foods but some of them are especially rich in magnesium. Some foods that are known for the rich presence of magnesium are oatmeal, spinach, almonds, avocado, halibut, soybeans and peanut butter.

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