Improve Blood Platelet Count From Papaya Leaf Juice

October 29, 2015

If you are interested in healthy veggies, leaves or herbs are good addition to juice recipe, people are practicing or try something new fresh because papaya leaf juice will bring good change that people are looking for.

Improve Blood Platelet Count from Papaya Leaf Juice

It is not good idea to eat papaya leaves, but leaves juice is the best way for herb health, especially to increase blood platelet count with papaya leaf juice.

Nutrient compound in Papaya Leaf

Many scientist said that papaya leaves contain great phytonutrient in cooperative interaction to increase/provide strong immune system and anti-oxidant effects in bloodstream. The phenolic, alkaloids, and papain substances are great reason why papaya leaves are good beneficial for human health.

Papain and chymopapain are great enzyme and active papaya compound that support all process of protein digestion and always used in healing indigestion, nausea, bloating and other digestive system problems.

In other hand, carpaine, pseudo carpaine, dehydrocarpaine and alkaloid compound often found in papaya leaves with great chemo prevention. The synthetic alkaloids derivatives are isolated from serve as main medicinal agents. They are powerful analgesic, anti-bacterial and anti-spasmodic property.

Papaya leaves provide and contain anti-oxidants effects because it presence of chlorogenic acid, quercetin, phenolic, caffeic acid and kaempferol compound. Papaya leaves rich of minerals such as; calcium, iron, magnesium, potassium and manganese.

Seven health benefits of Papaya leaf juice

Based on many nutritionist and specialist, it is good reason why people should drink papaya leaf juice in diet program and create list of important health benefits from this juice, as follows;

Enhance liver function.
Papaya leaf juice is very good and strong in cleansing impact on liver function and this is why people should use it in many diseases treating, especially for serious diseases that related to the liver such as; liver cancer, jaundice and liver cirrhosis.

Blood platelet production.
It can keep blood platelet production for people who get recover from some diseases, especially for diseases that lead to low of blood platelet level. Papaya leaf juice can increase and improve blood platelet production based on Asian Pacific Journal pf Tropical Biomedicine report.

Protect to all diseases.
Papaya leaf juice with acetogenin compound can protect the human system from any serious diseases such as; cancer, malaria, dengue, etc. Papaya leaf juice can support the work of human immune system and eliminate presence of virus and bacteria in the human body.

Healing inflammation.
Papaya leaf juice is strong anti-inflammation, anti-allergies and illnesses. It is also can reduce inflammation. Some people claim that Papaya leaf juice is ease to side effect of chemotherapy.

Improve energy level.
Papaya leaf juice is good source for cleansing and healing in diet program. People can expect energy level to raise and finish all tasks easily. Papaya leaf juice can help chronic fatigue cases.

Aids of digestive system.
Papaya leaf juice rich of chymoppain, protease enzyme, papain and amylase enzyme. It is good in ability in breaking down carbohydrate process, aid and protein with digestion. People that suffer with digestive disorder is able to solve health problems and stabilize all digestive system.

It is very powerful and good anti-microbial drink that good ability to ease inflammation that located in stomach line. It is also can eliminate pillory bacteria and other dangerous viruses that lead to peptic ulcers. Papaya leaf juice is good ease the inflammation bowel disease (IBD) symptoms include colon inflammation.

Blood sugar stabilization.
Papaya leaf juice is good to stabilize blood sugar level naturally. It can improve good sensitivity to insulin and lead to good blood sugar level. The presence of anti-oxidants can help and improve people lower diabetes effects such as; fatty liver, lower oxidative stress, and kidney problems.

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