Information About Almonds That No One Knows

January 10, 2017

The almonds come from a tree that originates in the Middle East and the nut is very nutritious. The almonds are very good for your health but you should be careful where you buy them from. Most of the almonds in the market shelves are fumigated with a lot of pesticides and chemicals that can have cancerous substances.

In 2007 raw almonds were forbidden to be present in the market since that year there have been 2 salmonella breakouts due to a farmer that was cultivating the almonds. After these serious outbreaks the government decided to mandate the treatment of almonds and reduce the salmonella.

The manufacturers of almonds began a method of fumigating the raw almonds with propylene oxide gas and expose them to a heat of more than 200 degrees. This process has made the small almond growers a big corporate almond producing machine.

Almost all almonds in the U.S. are treated this way and this manufacturing method has removed all the healthy components of the almonds and has actually made them into something that can be potentially harmful the general health.

Propylene Oxide Is Dangerous

This chemical was previously used by the National Hot Rod Associations as a mean to produce fuel but was later on removed because of its noxious fumes. This chemical is already banned in Europe, Mexico and Canada.

These standards and methods of producing and cultivating the almonds can prevent salmonella outbreaks but it removes all the health-friendly components of the almond.

What do we lose:

  • Lowered and improved cholesterol.
  • High source of magnesium for our body.
  • Protection from diabetes and cardiovascular issues.
  • A lot of trace minerals and very powerful antioxidants that protect us from free radical damage.
  • Hypoglycemia protection and stable blood sugar levels.
  • Beneficial gut flora and bacteria and a healthy digestive system.
  • Various vitamin B’s.

Source: beautyhealthpage

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