First aid against Ingrown Hairs

June 15, 2015

At  least once in your life you have experienced this situation: few days after waxing or shaving, you’ve noticed a little inflamed and painful spots on the skin. It is an ingrown hair, but you do not know how to solve these minor aesthetic problems on your legs, armpits or bikini zone, and in doing so it can be very painful and annoying.

ingrown hairs

Not so often, ingrown hairs can cause more serious problem, such as for example cysts. If so, with small and simple intervention the cyst caused by ingrown hairs can be removed.In order to remove ingrown hairs and to prevent it from happening again, we offer you simple home methods.Further in the text we explain what to do if you have a problem with ingrown hairs.

How to remove ingrown hairs?

Without a doubt, the hairs are our worst enemies. Every woman would say that something that is most hated is exactly this, almost daily routine of body hair removal, whether by epilating, waxing or shaving.Concerning men, regardless the fact that at the moment beard is fashionable, we have to note that they are not free from the problem of ingrown hairs, so that they will also benefit from these simple advices that will be explained in the text.

What causes the ingrown hairs?

Sometimes some hair, instead of growing normally out of the follicle and through the skin, they remain trapped inside the skin, causing an infection. In case hair continues to grow, and fails to penetrate to the surface, smaller cysts are formed, which, if not removed, could cause a bigger problem.

How to remove an ingrown hair which has formed a cyst?

This procedure is not so easy , as many believe, and requires hygienic measures to avoid infection:

  1. Take a shower with hot water

Hot water opens the pores, tones the skin, relaxes and softens the surface layer of the skin, making it soft, and permeable, in order to easily remove ingrown hairs. Moisten well with warm water the parts of the body, where ingrown hair occurred ( legs , armpits , groin).

  1. Gentile pilling

The second step is also simple. Make gentile pilling to part of the body with ingrown hairs, in order to remove dead skin cells. Make the piling gently, as a massage. For pilling you can use a glove bath or a sponge bath. In addition, if you do not have a real body scrub, you can use any foodstuff available at every household, such as:

The quantity of these products depends on the size of the area to which you want to apply the pilling, or where are your ingrown hairs. Mostly, one spoonful is sufficient. What you need to do is to put it on the glove or a bath sponge , and rub it with a gentle massage on the desired area .

3. Essential oils ideal for ingrown hairs

After a warm bath and gentle pilling, thoroughly dry the skin with a towel. Brush the area with ingrown hairs with a piece of cotton wool, soaked in some of the following essential oils:

  • Hamamelisa essential oil

This oil is ideal for relieving skin inflammation and infection. Heals damaged tissue and reduces the possible infections and ulceration’s. Drop a few drops of the oil onto a cotton wool, cotton swab, or directly to the place with ingrown hair, and gently massage. Apply the procedure two times a day.

  • The tea tree essential oil

Natural product with antibacterial effect, that reduces infection and dries inflamed zone with ingrown hairs, and allows hair to penetrate the surface so you can easily remove it. After a day or two the pain at the zone of ingrown hairs will disappear.

The method of application of this oil is the same as for hamemelisa oil. After bath and pilling, apply few drops of tea tree essential oil, to the desired location, massage with cotton swab and inflammation will be reduced.

If you want to remove the inflamed ingrown hair as soon as possible, apply this process twice a day. Also, you can first put a warm cloth to the place with ingrown hairs , and then drop this antibacterial and anti-inflammatory oil.

  1. Removal of ingrown hairs

Never attempt to remove ingrown hair with hands, and never by squeezing the inflamed area. Use tweezers that you will first disinfect with medical alcohol. Only when the cyst, resulted from ingrown hair, dries, and when the hair is visible, then use the tweezers and carefully remove it.

After that, rub the zone of ingrown hairs  with little alcohol or medicinal aloe vera applied on cotton wool, so this zone dries and heals adequately as soon  as possible,  and to avoid possible infection.

IMPORTANT: In order to prevent the problem of ingrown hairs, it is recommended that before and after waxing to do a skin pilling. In this way you will remove dead skin and allow the hair to grow normally, without obstacles. When the hair has open way to the skin surface, it will not cause inflamed cysts on the skin.


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