Ingrown Nail-The most Common Causes of This Painful Occurrence

February 22, 2016

Ingrown nails are very common occurrence. Although not dangerous, growth can make inflammation and cause numerous health problems. This is what pedicures suggest us what we need to do:

Ingrown Nail-The most Common Causes of This Painful Occurrence2

What causes Ingrown nail?
– Crooked nail cutting
– gaining weight (during pregnancy)
– old nail injury (deformation)
– very tight shoes
– flat feet

What are the consequences?
Ingrown nail can cause inflammation of flesh beside the nail. If not treated during inflammation it can extend deep into the tissue. Deeper inflammation may lead to surgery. When the nail penetrates the flesh that can easily become infected and fester because it creates an open wound that heals slowly.

How to cure Ingrown nail?
You should not touch the nail or the flesh when is inflamated, and treatment can start as soon inflammation soothes.

You can add antibiotic ointment onto inflammation. The safest solution is to visit pedicure, who professionally and certainly will remediate the injury.

Home remedy.
With the first signs of inflammation (swelling, pain and redness), make a bath of hot water and salt and put your legs in it for 20 minutes in the morning and evening. Salt will soften the skin and disinfect the wound. You can put some antibiotic ointment in the morning and evening, after the hot bath. Do not put socks as much as u can socks and leave the ointment on for as long as possible.

How to properly cut toenails?

Cut the nailst straight, never round. If you cut too deep, the nail may be deformed and start to grow in the skin.

Ingrown Nail-The most Common Causes of This Painful Occurrence1


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