Best way to Intestinal Cleanse

October 10, 2014

You’re intestines may have as much as 15 pounds of toxins! It is time to get rid of that !!!

Its time for intestinal cleansing!!!

It is known that for recovery of your body from many diseases it’s enough to remove mucus from the bowel, fecal deposits and other parasites.
For 70 years of life through our intestines has passed more than 100 tons of food and 40,000 liters of fluid, which leads to the conclusion that 15 pounds of fecal fat and toxic waste can be accumulated. That poisons the blood and can cause irreparable damage to the body.

Intestinal Cleanse

The facts that the bowel is not clean can be witnessed by frequent constipation, disturbed metabolism, excessive or insufficient weight,diabetesliver and kidney disease, hearing and vision diseases, poor condition of hair ,skin and nails, as well as other diseases, ranging from arthritis to cancer .

With the help of enemas only a small portion of the colon can be cleaned which is up to 40 or 50 centimeters, and the treatment when using special apparatus is very expensive, time consuming and harmless for intestinal microflora.

Drinking one to three tablespoons of flax seed meal in within a period of three weeks can completely clean your intestinal and small intestines from years of mucus, fecal deposits and parasites, while fully preserving the intestinal microflora.

This method allows rapid normalization of weight and burns fat from you’re body and has a positive impact on the regulation of lipid metabolism. Flour of flax seeds can absorb and eliminate toxins in the body and lower the cholesterol levels in the blood.

Flax seeds will help you if you have gastritis, colitis, gastric ulcer and duodenal ulcer, a disease of the urinary tract, cystitis, pyelonephritis, overweight and weak metabolism.

Instead of breakfast three weeks try to consume this mixture:

The first week :

One tablespoon of flax seed flour mixed with 100 milliliters of kefir from coconut milk.

Second week :

Two tablespoons of flax seed flour mixed with 100 milliliters of kefir from coconut milk.

Third week:

Three tablespoons of flax seed fluor mixed with 150 milliliters of kefir from coconut milk.

Intestinal CleanseIf the purchase flax seed flour is problem for you, you can buy flax seeds and grind em finely. Do not stockpile them for usage of several days. Be sure to drink at least two liters of water a day.

Cleaning your intestines in this way should be done only once a year.

Derrick Chester - October 11, 2014

Do you do this everyday for three weeks 100ml etc. etc. of coconut kefir and flaxseed or do you consume 100ml etc. etc. of coconut kefir & flaxseed weekly?

    secheal - October 11, 2014

    Yes it’s everyday,but every week different dosage like it’s written.
    Have a nice and healthy day sir.

Elizabeth - October 11, 2014

Hi, can I use just water instead of kefir? Dont have access to coco milk and kefir bug. Thanks

    secheal - October 11, 2014

    Yogurt can be a substitute for kefir, yogurt also improves microflora in intestines.

      Elizabeth - October 12, 2014

      Thanks. But I dont eat yoghurt. Better to get into kefir 🙂

Crystal - October 13, 2014

Can you elaborate on why this should not be done more frequently?

    secheal - October 15, 2014

    This is the recipe that doctor recommended to a close member of my family. I’m just sharing this with the world. It does wonders btw, and its way better, natural and healthier than enemas and more effective too.

charlier64 - October 14, 2014

Can Hemp Seed Hearts be used instead of Flax Seeds? They are not dried and made into flour, but the hearts are split and I chew them to eat them.

    secheal - October 15, 2014

    I really think that hemp seeds or hemp oil are the best thing ever for maintaining a healthy life, but this recipe is for flax seeds. Flax seeds contains allot of fibers and omega oils and that’s why its recommended. If you can try this with hemp seeds and let us know. Thank you for your comment Charlier. Stay Healthy.

Lauren - October 14, 2014

When you say Kefir from coconut milk…Do you mean that there is kefir already in coconut milk? I’m sorry. New to this, never actually heard of kefir I’m not sure it is sold around here. Thanks for your help!

    secheal - October 15, 2014

    Hi Lauren, here is everything about kefir , but if u can’t find kefir just use plain yogurt, it does wonders too. Stay Healthy.

Sergey - June 22, 2017

uff, so many images of intestines.. and none of those of Kefir and flaxseed. but thanks for the detailed insider info!

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