Why Its’s important to Eat Avocados Every Day

April 12, 2017

Avocados are a great additive to many dishes and as a fruit they are very tasty and combined for any time of the day be it breakfast, lunch or dinner. They make a wonderful snack too combined with the right ingredients and can boost the energy levels and provide you important nutrients and minerals.

They are rich in vitamin K, C, B3, folate, copper, zinc, iron, magnesium, potassium and so on. Although the fat content is high in avocados there are a number of reasons why this fruit is beneficial to us if we eat considerable amounts every day.

Curbs the Appetite

They contain a good dose of beneficial fats that can make you feel fuller for a longer period of time and thus help us maintain the weight.

They Will Not Make You Fat

Contrary to popular belief the fat content in avocados cannot make you fat and it is highly beneficial and healthy too. Those are monounsaturated fats that are good for the general health and contains oleic acid too. These components can actually help you lose weight and not gain it.

Good for The Overall Health

Consuming avocados every day can protect your cardiovascular system, balance the blood sugar levels, provide anti-inflammatory properties, give you a boost in energy and lower the bad cholesterol levels.

Nutrient Dense

Avocados contain a great amount of amino acids, important vitamins and minerals, carotenoids, yellow lutein, yellow alpha carotene and other neutralizers of toxins and so on.

Good Combination with Any Meal

You can eat them alone, or combine them in salads, meats, sauces and so on.

Other Benefits from Avocados:

  • Healthy bones
  • Anti-ageing properties
  • Better breath
  • Healthy heart and cardiovascular system
  • Promote eye vision
  • Aids in digestion
  • Balanced blood sugar levels

Source: naturalcarebox.com
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