Jasmine Benefits

July 10, 2014

Jasmine Benefits – natural Valium.

Jasmine is a fast-growing evergreen plant with strong odors. It blooms in late winter and early spring.
In India, jasmine is considered a sacred plant, they call it “the moon of love” and girls decorate their hair with it. And in Greece, jasmine is given to people by Athens the goddess of wisdom.


Jasmine Benefits



Jasmine is one of the main plants used in perfumery. It was introduced to Europe from the East at the beginning of XVIII century.
From jasmine long ago was made amazing cough syrup. For Eastern civilization jasmine is considered as symbol of passionate love.

The cultivation of jasmine is not just for aesthetic pleasure, but also contributes to health.

The smell of jasmine affect the overall tone and confidence of people. It is believed that the scent of jasmine has a calming effect, removes tension, reduces aggression and improves sleep.

Jasmine Benefits

Jasmine Benefits

In many eastern countries jasmine is grown on an industrial scale. Especially popular is the Chinese green tea with jasmine, which affects working ability and improves mood.

Green tea with jasmine is a great natural healthy beverage known for it’s antioxidative function.

Jasmine opens the senses, refreshes the brain, cleans the blood, removes fatigue with its delicate and sensitive tastes.

Jasmine Benefits

Jasmine essential oil is valuable, not only with its odor, and as a healing herb. It is used to heal wounds, headaches, and as an antidepressant.

Jasmine oil reduces muscle pain, improve circulation, relieves pain. Like other flowers, jasmine can cause allergy too.

German scientists have proven that the scent of jasmine has a calming effect, similar to valium, so it is much better to use jasmine for insomnia than to take hypnotics.


Jasmine Benefits


Aroma molecules from jasmine go into the lungs and then in the blood and become a powerful replacement of psychotropic drugs which are given only by prescription, says scientists from the German Heinrich Hainan University in Düsseldorf.

Professor Hanson Hat reveals that substance GABA (Aminobutyric Acid is the main inhibitor of the neurotransmitters in the central nervous system), which affects the nerve cells and is growing steadily, because the smell of jasmine.

Jasmine Benefits

Jasmine does not cause side effects like depression, dizziness, hypotension, muscular weakness and poor coordination.

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