What Kind of Woman Are You According To the Month In Which You Are Born?

May 28, 2016

What Kind of Woman Are You According To the Month In Which You Are BornWomen tend to show their differences because they all want to know what is so special about them. The list of months below explains the features every women has, born in one.


Woman born in January are very serious and conservative, but they are exceptionally ambitious. Ladies born in this month tend to be very critical and very introvert – they never show what they feel. They want to talk to people with the same intellectuality and only that kind of people can approach them. This is because they find this people adequate for their communication since can find many things common.


Ladies born in February must be treated with patience and they live in a romantic world. They can change their mood very quickly, so not everyone can understand their character. Their abstract way of thinking is the thing they are proud of. Also, in case you try to deceive them, do not hope for their attention anymore.


March females, are very charismatic and with strong charisma. They are so dedicated in a situation and loyalty is their strong side. Love is something they choose with caution that is why they have difficulty in falling in love. It is very comforting to live with these ladies but you must be careful not to upset them.


Diplomatics and interactivity are characteristics for April women, since they can make a conversation very easily. Their down side is feeling sorry for themselves and their jealousy, because they can burst and you do not want to be near them. April girls can make you happy for the rest of your life because they connect with people which gain their trust and try not to loose the feeling and the person.


The ladies born in May have principles and stick to them loyally and persistently. They are fatal women since their beauty and attractiveness altogether with their special character make men mad and make them fall in love immediately. They are the kind of women you will remember all your life.


These summer girls are creative, communicative and very curious. The only flaw they cannot hold their tongue and speak everything on their mind. June ladies think it is better to tell the truth on someone’s face, than behind their back. When it comes to love, they like to play and are very good at it since men can become toys and left with broken heart.


Women born in July are very beautiful, intelligent, honest and very mysterious. They stay out of conflicts and like to be polite with everyone. They are not easy to deceive and will never forgive if you cheat on them.


This rare combination of big heart and egocentric character is quite unique. Messing with these women means only one thing, their victory. Their sense of humor is on high level but they take jokes for them very seriously and in many situations they think they are mocked.

Be careful because when this uncomfortable thing happens, it is better to get away from them. They never suffer for the attention of men since they are quite self-centered and men dangerously fall in love.


These ladies like to be kind and show their beauty as well as their discipline. They might seek revenge when feeling they are being mislead. These girls dream for a men which is serious in his attentions and are ready for long relationship. Do not even think to use her as a girl for one night.  Their high expectations from their partners can cause tense but the man must prove the love and that is worth staying.


Their strong character shown in front of everyone is just a mask, because they are very sensitive from the inside. October ladies try not to cry in public and push their feelings. But, being very smart, they hardly ever open their soul to someone. They do not trust to people since they think everyone wants to abuse them. They are role model that is why other women are envy.


These girls know every step you make before you even do it and that is why are very good at spotting a lier. You will end in a worse way if you try to betray or hurt them. All you need to know for November women is that they willing to hear everything you want to say but they do not like to express their opinion.


The impatience is what characterizes December girls and it is their worst feature. But, they always find a way to win in a situation. They know how to lift the mood and have an open heart for everyone. Often, they are hurt and disappointed but at the end everything goes back in normal.

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