When did you last clean the pillows you are sleeping on? Here’s how to do it !!!

May 28, 2016

Spring is a perfect season for cleaning your pillows and it is also recommended to do this three times a year. You must devote detailed attention because of several reasons.

When did you last clean the pillows you are sleeping on Here’s how to do it !!!You haven’t done this yet? A clean pillowcase is not a clean pillow and you must stop to think like this.

If your pillows can be washed in a washing machine and can keep its regular shape without being damaged, then you can put two pillows inside the drum. If it is just one pillow instead of two, this one will be more damaged, since there is more space in the washing machine drum.

Many of us see the pillow being yellow and we put a new clean pillowcase instead of cleaning the pillow itself.

Here is how to whiten the pillow and clean it from many bacteria which can cause health damage.


Put the pillow in the drum of the washing machine, pour hot water and some powder for bleaching clothes, a cup of washing powder and 2 tablespoons of baking soda.

Check for the highest temperature to wash the pillow in the manufacturer’s instructions since every washing machine is not the same. After this process is done and the pillow is washed, hit it from all sides so there is no moisture inside.

In this way you prevent the production of mold. Let it air-dry on high sun and wait for couple of hours until is fully dried. Enjoy your freshly cleaned pillow and make your dreams come true!

Source: naturalmedicinebox

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