Lemon Balm

October 11, 2013

Lemon balm (Melissa Officinalis)



A natural remedy for various psychological disorders
Lemon balm is one of the few herbs that is both healing and fragrant, decorative, spicy and aromatic.Lemon balm is a natural remedy that is recommended for the treatment of hysteria and hypochondria.
Often is used for recovery after stressful situations, depression, and helps in irregular periods, which occur as a result of stress.


Tea also helps with headaches, caused by nervousness, as well as neurotic vomiting.
Lemon balm tea helps with insomnia caused by fatigue or mental tension. From lemon balm you can make ‘Melissa‘ – tonic, used for massage, which helps in removing physical and mental fatigue.

From lemon balm you can make essential oil, which has a very pleasant smell and is used not only in pharmacy, but even more in the industry of perfumes and cosmetics.

Bath of essential oil from lemon balm helps to reduce pain in neuralgia and rheumatism and relaxation of the body.
In one word, lemon balm positively affects the body and the psyche. With its pleasant aroma causing beautiful thoughts, which are repressing the feelings of depression and anxiety.

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