Let’s Purify Our Indoor Air by Planting!

February 27, 2016

According to statistics, most people in the United States spend 90% of their time indoors. In this regard, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency claims that indoor air pollution is one of the five largest environmental risks in the United States.

Let’s Purify Our Indoor Air by Planting

Kamal Meattle, a researcher, investigated about effective ways to improve the purity of the air in the room. He suggested three popular ornamental plants, which if placed correctly will improve the purity of the air in the room significantly.

His studies revealed that the placement of plants in particular areas will increase air filtration.Kamal Meattle advised everyone to grow 6-8 crops in the bedroom.

The recommended plant height is at waist of adults. As for the living room, he advised people to plant 4 crops with recommended height at shoulder of adults.

The specialist Plant- this plant can purify the air of formaldehyde and other harmful gases. NASA also recommends the planting of at least one plant per 100 square feet in home. In the following video you will be given detailed information about what you should do to purify the air inside your home by planting!



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