Light Your Room for a Whole Month by Using a Potato!!! – VIDEO

June 1, 2016

Can you imagine your life without electricity? Still, there are people who cannot use it because there is no condition for bringing it. Instead of using battery or back in the old days with candles there is something else we can use for lighting our room.

Light Your Room for a Whole Month by Using a Potato!!! – VIDEOA recent research proved that potatoes cooked for eight minutes can produce energy ten times more than the raw ones.

An experiment was made by a professor of science and agriculture, Haim Rabinovitch, which consists of several slices of potato, copper cathode, zinc anode and wire. He placed the slices of potato between the cathode and anode and connect it with wire. What he discovered was amazing, the components can light a room with LED light for more than forty days.

The scientific world has another discovery to analyze but not only scientists benefit, also parts of the world which are not fully developed will have many opportunities open for everything people want.

You might ask why not some other vegetable? Why the potato is so special?

There are two main reasons for this the first being its cultivating since it can grow everywhere (subtropical and tropical climates) and the second is that it can be found in great amount.

In this experiment potatoes are not the main source but rather a connection between metals. It allows the electrons to flow through the wire and to provide electricity which will last.

Watch the video and try the potato battery at home.


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