Recipe to Lighten Dark Skin Between Legs and Pubic Area

December 16, 2015

There is dark skin between groin area and legs and it is called as “acanthosis nigricans”. This spot is common in people with dark skin and obese people. This spot is not dangerous for you but this issue could be sign as serious diseases.

Recipe to lighten dark skin between legs and pubic area

In order to remove this dark skin, here is tips to lighten dark skin between the legs and public area with powerful and natural recipe.

It is important to know that the main cause of acanthosis nigricans is not yet known well, but these diseases is common in people with diabetes type 2 and obese people. It is not difficult to diagnose this disease as long a test to be done to find and determine what major cause of it is. There are some causes of acanthosis nigricans such as; hormonal imbalance, genetic and tumor. This issue could be occur without any relation and connection with other diseases.

Acanthosis symptom

This acanthosis nigrican can be affected in any skin area and not only in the groin and public area. This acanthosis always affects to skin fold. The skin becomes brown in color, softer and thicker. It is not hurt but irritation and itching has been reported. If you get this diseases and feel any symptom, it is time to visit your dermatologist for diagnose.

4 ways to lighten dark skin in the public area

1. Aloe vera. It is natural method to lighten and saturate dark skin. Aloe vera can lighten dark skin and decrease discolored skin-spot. Aloe vera rich of cancer prevention and good agent for cancer with different substance and effective to help people to create new skin and repair damaged skin.

In order to lighten dark skin, people should take some aloe vera gel from its leaf an apply to darkened area. Leave for twenty minutes and wash the aloe vera gel with water. Please repeat this way in everyday for noticeable result.

2. Baking soda. It is unusual as skin exfoliator that rinses dark spot skin spot. The mixture between water and baking soda has proven success to uproot hyper pigmentation around the ground area.

People should mix 3 parts of baking soda with 1 part of water to create thick paste. Apply this paste on the neck area and leave it dry and wash with water. Please repeat this way 2 times in a week.

3. Lemon. It has great vitamin C and natural peeling. Lemon can eliminate any dead skin cell and help people to create skin tone because it will stimulate cell to regenerate into healthy cells. Apply lemon juice in the groun/public area and rub it for few minutes.

Leave lemon to work for twenty minutes and wash it with water and add some cream. People are also can mix lemon juice with honey and apply in the affected area and wash it for twenty minutes.

4. Cucumber. It is amazing vegetables for lighten skin properties. People could mix cucumber and lemon juice for better result. This lemon can lighten any dark skin and cucumber can relieve this skin issue. Mix some cucumber juice and lime juice with turmeric. This lemon can lighten the dark skin and remove any dead skin cell while cucumber work to cool the dark skin and turmeric is staining the skin.

It is also well known as ayurveda remedies. Another way to cure dark skin is by cutting and rubbing sliced cucumber in the affected area and apply cucumber juice on the cark skin. It can lighten the skin in few days.

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