Little Boy Will Lose Seventy Five Percent of His Eyesight Because of This Toy-Small Laser Pointer

December 3, 2015

A health expert from Australia said that there is new warning for parent comes from small laser pointer to their children eyesight health. A broadcasting co reported that Tasmanian teenager has been lose up to 75 percent of eyesight because of shining small laser pointer while playing with this toy.

Little boy will lose seventy five percent of his eyesight because of this toy-Small Laser Pointer 1

The result showed that there is new danger for children and parents associated with something small toy like small laser pointer. A teenager get damaged his eyes permanently with laser pointer which led optometrist to dissuade all parents in the world from small laser pointer toy for their kids.

Optometrist ben armitage is called to estimate and determine why fourteen years old boy get issue with his eyesight. He came on Friday to see me and he had hold laser pen and shined it in boy eyes for every brief, said armitage.

This small laser pointer can cause little boy ge lose his vision up to 75 percent in each eyes. The back of his eyes are showing laser-burn and managed to burn to his retina at the back of eyes which called macular, explain armitage. Although this teenager didn’t feel any harm pain at that time of incident, but his eyes was affected instantly.

That is area where people can detail central vision and it had something of exaggerated effect on why and how much vision the little boy is lost. Armitage said to ABC news that the damaged boy eyes vision is caused by playing small laser pointer and it can’t cured with normal glasses.

The way of human eyes work is majority of usable eyesight is central includes all for example color eyes vision take place in small area. Armitage explain that if the damage can affect to little boy vision and there is no matter what quality of lens in the front, the damage sensor to the back of eyes can’t be remedied well.

According to FDA or food and drug administration center for radiological health device, a five milli watt laser can cause damage and properly labeled in the three up to five milli watt ranges have no reported of eyes vision damage.

Most of laser pointer abide by this FDA regulation but some of laser pointer that is improperly imported the federal safety limit, according to Scientific of America.

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