We decide to give u the secret potion of long and healthy life…We give u the secret recipe

October 2, 2013

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We use the ingredients that’s the cocktail of making a long time ago proven as effective for dealing with the many situation in organism.
Drink every morning for one glass, then has the role to protect the heart and blood vessels,
to assist in improving the blood images can go in every prevention of cardiovascular disease,
and is specific for people who suffering of anemia.


Required ingredients:

2 l. red wine

200 g Honey

100 g of fresh leaves of nettles

100 g fresh leaf of giant nettle

Method of preparation:

First of wine, the leaves of nettles and giant nettle mix them together.
Leave them so that stay for 24 hours. After 24 hours Strain liquid and place it on the fire.
Leave me to the fire until they notice that starts to boiling. Before you start to boiling add honey.
Once you have add the honey, stir and immediately snap out of the fire.
Liquids place it in the glass bottle and every morning on empty stomach drink at one glass.

The taste is excellent can be consumed without any problem.

venu_renu - February 6, 2014

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