Lose Stomach Fat With 5 Simple Remedies

August 5, 2015

Many of us know that belly fat is quite common. However there are some simple remedies that one can use to help solve this issue.

Stomach FatOne can really lose stomach fat without doing any exercise at all!  Consider trying out any of these methods:

1.  Eat foods with omega 3 fatty acid.  This includes walnuts, sardines, salmon,  flaxseeds, and halibut.  Omega 3s are not able to be produced in the body, so therefore they must be consumed through food and supplements.

2.  Increase the protein in your diet.  This will help to increase the metabolism. Studies in Denmark has showed that increasing animal proteins will help the body burn more calories.

3.  Drink green tea.  Those that drink 4 to 5 cups per day who also exercised for at least 25 minutes, sweating, lost 2 pounds more than those that did not drink the tea.

4.  Eat dark chocolate.  Consuming moderate amounts of dark chocolate will allow the body to reduce fat overall, but dark chocolate with at least 70% cacao should be used.

5.  Get good sleep.  When you do not get enough sleep the metabolic rates are slowed down.

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