Making Alkaline Water at Home

July 4, 2015

One of the most precious resources in our world is water.  It is vital to humans very existence, as it is mainly what hydrates us and gives us some minerals.  Did you know that 70% and 80% of our brains and bodies are made up with water?

Alkaline Water

Drink 2 cups of water right away in the morning to stay hydrated.  This will help to counter the effects of dehydration from the sleep. If you like coffee, then make sure to drink water before having that cup of Joe as coffee can increase dehydration.

Do take note that most water available to a person is either bottled water or tap water, both of which are prone to be full of metals and other hormones.

However, not all water is created equally so you should not drink impure water.  Impure water will only make the body filter out hazardous materials, making one vulnerable to health conditions.

This can hinder the immune system, upset the body’s alkaline and acid balance, and other health issues.

If the body is too acidic, it will become fatigued and can make it difficult to lose weight.  There may be low energy levels, as well as digestive complications.  However, one can fix this by drinking alkaline water.

This can easily be made at home.  You will need:

1.  a pitcher of filtered water

2.  one organic lemon

3.  one Tablespoon pink Himalayan salt

Begin by filling the pitcher with water and then cutting the lemon into fourths.  Add the lemon to the water, but do not squeeze.  Add the salt and then let sit overnight at room temperature. Drink up!

This will help you to stay hydrated.  A good idea is to use water from a spring.  If you can find spring water, it is advised to stock up on it.

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