The Man That Cured Cancer In 3 Minutes and Shocked the World

April 20, 2017

A lot of cancer info surrounds the internet today and some information are to be believed at but some we still remain skeptical about. The medical society and researchers are trying to come up and find ways to prevent this deadly disease that is still the leading cause of deaths all around the world.

The key to preventing and curing this disease is not yet found but there are some ways in which you can prevent this from happening.

Several breakthroughs have been detected and some by regular people that undoubtedly shock the world. This story entails such a person, a man that discovered the role of the unconscious with the cancer treatment and prevention and altering the DNA of a person.

The power of prayer, collectivized thoughts and suggestion can have a great power over our minds, DNA and a overall positive effect when it comes to cancer and other diseases.

This may seem a bit odd compared to the other information around and this does not mean that this is connected to religion. Gregg Baden is the one that has the theory that can unite everything and has been already scientifically explained in 1996.

His theory resembles the prediction of Nikola Tesla:

“People in the future are going to be able to create electricity with the power of their minds.”

Baden’s theory however, suggest a similar thins only it is not connected to electricity. His theory teaches us and proved once again about the power of the brain and human mind and the power of the collective thought and prayer.

In the following video, you will see and witness and event that proves this theory and an ultrasound screen is demonstrating how strong electromagnetic radiation can control your emotions and enhance them with practice. This means that our feelings, thoughts really matter and with faith we can change our DNA and with that our lives!

Source: organicandhealthy

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