Man Healed 5000 Peoples From CANCER This Is A Recipe That Kills All Types Of TUMOR In 90 Days – Video

May 24, 2016

One of the most popular cannabis figures worldwide, Rick Simpson, went to Belgrade joining the debate about the medical use for marijuana. He is an icon because of the usage of this plant on over five thousand people as a remedy.

Man Healed 5000 Peoples From CANCER This Is A Recipe That Kills All Types Of TUMOR In 90 Days – Video

The common belief that Broz banned the use of cannabis because of the benefits on pharmaceutics, was confirmed with this meeting in Belgrade. Simpson thinks that this plant was used by our ancestors over centuries as a treatment for arteriosclerosis, cancer, multiple sclerosis, diabetes, epilepsy and many others.

He was ill from a skin cancer approximately twelve years ago, and treated himself with marijuana. His profession is not a doctor but a mechanical engineer and he taught himself medicine. For a newspaper he claimed that everyone who has serious health problems, should try its healing benefits and will realize the effectiveness since for him this is the best remedy in the world.

Rick had several operations on three legions on his face skin but they all were unsuccessful. The doctors said that his lifetime had run off and that the injuries will appear again and again. While looking in his scars into the mirror, he being a plant lover, recalled a research that proved the effects of THC as a treatment of cancer.

He started his own treatment with previously prepared cannabis oil. The method for healing his wounds was putting some oil on them, cover with cotton bandages and wait for several days. The result after four days was stunning since the scars disappeared and the skin had its pink color. He spread the word of his healing treatment and its results but people were not convinced.

He says that the cancer did not returned for eleven and a half years since he did the oil dipping.

There are many people he cured but the most interesting case is his last one, where an eighty-year-old man had lung cancer and was on a deathbed. His lifetime, as doctors said, was within 48 hours and his son already heard for Rick so he took his father to him.

The old man’s state was terrible as he had open wounds on his legs, he barely breathed and was swollen from chemotherapy. The recommended cannabis oil was offered to the man but the son asked his doctors first and they did not approve it (an obvious reaction).

But his son makes his own decision and starts giving his father cannabis oil and over an hour he began breathing clearly.

Doctors advised him to use the medicines and that the vital functions can reappear before death. The son disobeyed them and checked out his father from the hospital and forbid him to use the medicines prescribed by doctors.

They repeated the healing with the cannabis oil for six months and after this therapy there was no need of insulin or any kind of remedy, and even three months period was needed for cancer to disappear completely! This proved the words Rick has said that the age is not a measure for this therapy with cannabis oil.

For the treatment Rick started cultivating marijuana since the recipe for the oil was with raw cannabis. During a period of three years, the police visited his meadows for four times! In North America, everyone who has ability to cure cancer and is certain in that has a threat with jail sentence between five and forty years. Rick had spent only four days and got out by paying a fine with 2000 dollars.

His sentence was owning, selling and cultivating marijuana and after this he was threatened with twelve years jail. The most painful thing was that the same people who cured their family with the cannabis oil made the threat without concern. Even the judge knew the trick was made since they do not allow him to show the medical files and the results of the oil and the patients were not testified.

The sentence for selling was not legal since he never sold anything. He gave away the weed to ill people and his recipe was  made public on a website called The recipe was misused and many people made profit on his name by selling fake oil, but Rick had special way of treating and healing – the right dose three times a day. This oil could be made in a simple and very fast way.

He explains the dose for cancer being sixty grams within ninety days. It can be used at any state of the patient because it is never too late to try. His claim is that if one smokes marijuana, it is proved by scientists, you will live several years longer but it is not as efficient as the oil.

Furthermore, he states that every country in the world should cultivate or even give cannabis in the pharmacies for free where all people will use it for medical purpose.

Simpson says that out ancestors used it and we use all natural remedies since then so why not approach to nature and take what it has to offer.
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