McDonald’s Just Recalled 1 Million Chicken Nuggets. The Reason Why Will Sicken You

June 7, 2016

One million chicken nuggets were recalled after some of the costumers complained that they found something inside the nuggets that was not even close the chicken meat.

 McDonald’s Just Recalled 1 Million Chicken Nuggets. The Reason Why Will Sicken You

The mystery behind this was the plastic itself.

Wall Street Journal reports that this is not the first time the operator in Japan experiences some kind of scandal with the side dishes.

In one of the restaurants in northern prefecture of Aomori, people found vinyl in their chicken nuggets which was bought that weekend.

So many disgusting things are found in the meals from McDonald’s like dental material and human tooth in the French fries or dead mouse found in coffee. All these items and many more gross and uneatable one are still found in the McDonald’s chains everywhere.

As a result of this the brand name lost its reputation and reduced the loyal costumers as well as dropping down of sales which is alarming for McDonald’s.

Another scandal which shook the reputation was the fact that last summer Shanghai Husi Food Co. was selling reused and repackaged expired meat to the costumers in China. The news were spread so quickly that many executives of US-meat supplier were arrested or detained, since clients seek for justice.

The corporation in Oak Brook during the last month marked lower monthly sales for ten years in the market. The Japanese operations of the company marked 156.7 million because of problems with the safety of the food and many other factors.

Be careful what you are eating and always eat healthy.

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