Mesentery: A New Organ Discovered Inside the Human Body

January 7, 2017

A whole new realm was opened in this science by this discovery. This new organ was hiding in plain sight the whole time and in the past scientists thought that it was a fragmented structure from the digestive system. It turned out to be something else called mesentery.

The scientists found that this is a continuous organ but they don’t know its purpose and function yet. The scientists that first discovered it was J Calvin Coffey that works as a researcher in the University Hospital Limerick.

According to him:

“This discovery was surprising and we approached it just like we do any other organ. This organ will help us categorize the abdominal diseases. We have already established the form, structure and anatomy of the organ the following step is to find out what the function is. When we understand the proper function we can determine the abnormal function and from there identify a disease that will be treatable.”

This research has already been posted in The Lance medical journal and a lot of medical textbooks have been updated with this new organ that has rendered a whole science realm to mesenteric science.

Medical students are also being taught about this organ and can investigate the role that the mesentery has on the whole human body and the abdominal diseases. The organ is now a double fold of peritoneum and hold the intestine wall to the abdomen.

Our body has a lot of organs of course and science has added the mesentery as a vital organ in our bodies. This distinction may come across as silly but the essential ones remain the kidney, liver, heat, brain and lungs and to this list is added the mesentery. In total that makes 79 organs that are keeping us healthy.

Source: independent

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