Effective DIY Migraine Medicine

June 27, 2015


People who suffer from migraine know how terrible is the headache, and it’is not something that can be easily cured.


Or, it wasn’t till now! Forget about painkillers and try this simple recipe to cure your headache in just few minutes.

Only few people know that there is a method that can help almost everybody.

This method is practiced in the traditional medicine, that nowadays is more criticized than supported.

You decide whether you like it or not, but try it next time you have headache and share your experience with us.

The suggested method for curing migraine is very simple:

All you need is salt and lemon juice.

First you need to find a high quality salt. It is best to use Himalayan crystal salt, because of the minerals that it contains.


This salt contains 83 elements from the periodical system, which is excellent, if you take into consideration the fact that the science knows of 118 elements.

The salt can save you from headaches and migraines, increases the level of serotonin in the blood, it can also strengthen the nervous system and normalizes the alkaline acid balance in the body.


Fill a cup with fresh lemon juice and add 2 teaspoons of the salt. Stir well, pour the mixture into a bigger cup and add water. After you mixed it well, drink up the whole liquid at once.

The taste is disguising, but this cure acts immediately, and it is as magic!

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