Moisturizing Skin Creams Could Raise Skin Cancer Risk

December 18, 2015

Hand body lotion is the most used in skin product. Many people use and keep this lotion at their work desk, bathroom and bed. The marketing show that this cream product can cause anti aging effect such as: soft skin. But some type of lotion is really chemical. Have you heard and read this ingredient on a bottle?

Moisturizing Skin Creams Could Raise Skin Cancer Risk

There are many natural way to solve this problem. A research showed that dermovan, vani cream, dermbase and eucerin original moisturizer cream can cause skin cancer. It mean that lotion and tanning oil that people apply them to their babies, contain sun light non-melanoma skin cancer and diagnosed in more over one million people each year.

The rate of this diagnosis always increase time by time and justified increased with aging population. Many people can do survive but squamous cell carcinoma is killer.

It is important to know that sun get blamed as cause and in fact, some study have not been extensive incredibly. It means that some people still ignore when other say the sun can cause skin cancer.

One of various applications is tropical cream. It can stand to the reason that skin cancer increased directly and affiliate to increase of using tropical cream.

Once one research tale close to this condition, people are not to surprise incredibly.  Some study determines the safety of commercial moisturizer cream for tropical chemo prevention. People found that tumorigenic will active when applied to UVB pretreated high risk mice.

On this study only use mice and was not funded bt large corporate producer of tropical lotion. The study out of greater for more research and highlight tropical cream is never tested for carcinogenic activities.

In other word, safety test does not apply for skin cancer. It is important for people to consideration by using this moisturizer product. Of course, people can say some coconut oil can avoid skin cancer risk.

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