Mystery of slim line, fast metabolism, a flat stomach and a healthy heart …

October 16, 2013

Mystery of slim line, fast metabolism, a flat stomach and a healthy heart …

The Acai fruit is in the form of berries and grows on a palm tree in the Amazon forest. Acai with its wonderful nutritive value and benefits overwhelmed all the world and we call them “Magic fruit”.


Acai berries are the new super food. It is an exotic fruit full of phytochemicals. These berries have the ability to inhibit the growth of leukemia cells because they contain high concentrations of antioxidants. Human trials have shown that
the Acai berry capsules improve concentration, digestion and sleep.

Niacin is a substrate for the ATP, which means that the substrate for adenosine triphosphate, which is the body’s energy reserves,
a kind of fuel that drives us. Niacin is found in large quantities in acai berries. When using this fruit you will practically use less energy because the body is has niacin from acai berry to produce ATP. An energy drink that is made from the Acai berry is so different from other types of drinks of this type in that it does not use glucose and so does not begin the process of creating ATP from the start.

Acai contains amino acids, enzymes and essential fatty acids in Omega 3, 6 and 9 which together they IMPROVE metabolism of the body. They speed up the metabolic process so you can burn fat faster in the body.

Amino acids, fatty acids amplify the level of energy and decrease the fatigue and is essential for each program for weight loss.
Omega-3 is required for the creation of muscular mass and how much more weight the more muscular Incineration of natural fats.


Acai is rich dietetic fiber needed for a healthy digestive system. Importing dietetic fiber, fiber in the diet helps to eliminate waste materials easier and faster.

Maybe you can try this healthiest, most natural and most effective approach To Permanent Fat Loss!

Acai also contains powerful antioxidants, is very rich in vitamins, rejuvenates the organism, taking care of the heart, reduces cholesterol and rejuvenates the skin.Acai will help you get rid of the fatty deposits which can be find in places like stomach, hips, and buts.

Acted directly on the 4th and the most important factors for weight loss:
Improves and accelerates metabolism
-Combustion of the fats
-Increases the energy
-Decreasing the appetite

Acai reduces the appetite and need for food in several ways.

The body is supplied with energy by which reduces the need for food.
Soothes hunger because it contains complete proteins with all the amino acids.
Contains substances that send information to the brain and stomach that you are full.

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