7 Nail Condition Linked to Serious Diseases

October 28, 2015

Some people might familiar with motto “ our eyes are main window to the soul “, but our nail is very essential doors to human body. A Canadian nutritionist, Lisa Petty and other aging professional wrote; Nails endure the most when people didn’t treat human body well. When supplement go inside human body, hair, skin and nail get them last. The nail issue will flag an serious issue in human body.

7 Nail Condition Linked to Serious Diseases

Nail is more than cosmetic and many people coloring nail with yellow, ridged, brittle, toenails and fingernails. It is indicate nutritional deficiency and health problem like anemia and thyroid disease.

The nail makes beds because it made of keratin protein, toenail and fingernails touch piece of skin at the end of toenail and fingers are protected. The nails are shaped by grids, nerves, lymph vessels and veins.

While nails come in various shape to genetics, every people can share the same nail quality. It includes a fact that the nails are translucent, not fragile and feels smooth particularly.

It is important to know that when our nail didn’t get enough supplements, it can become hard, ugly and stained.It is easy to clear up all nails problems by creating great changes in diet programs, take some vitamins and supplements.

Here are seven common nail condition linked to serious diseases, as follow:

Soft nails

Cause: little iron
Solution: If you get low level of iron level, the doctor or specialist might suggest you to take 325 milligram of iron sulfate for 3 times in a day.

White spot

Cause: nail injury and insufficient level in human body
Solution: people need 50 milligram of zinc in everyday because it is great source of peas, red meat and pumpkin seeds.

Brittle nails

Cause: little iron, lack of moisture and low Vitamin B
Solution:  1/3 people suffer with brittle nails from Biotin ultra 1 milligram, take nutritional supplement for 2-3 times in a day. It is important to know that it will be work for 6 months. It is recommended that Pregnant women shouldn’t take Biotin unless consult to doctor or physician.

Calcium, colloid minerals and gelatin supplement are helpful for this condition.

Yellow nails

Cause: low vitamin E, nails didn’t get enough time to breathe free of polish
Solution: take four hundred vitamin E 2 times in a day to clear up this condition. People can add of wheat germ, peanuts, almonds, hazelnuts and sweet potatoes in diet programs as good source of vitamin E.

Ridges or horizontal dents

Cause: It is important to know that dent is usually use as sign in medical condition likes nutritional deficiency, psoriasis, trauma, high fever from undergoing surgery. It will impact to human nails to grow. The nutritional deficit can cause fingernails become discolored, brittle and misshapen.

Ridge is a result from trauma like something hard/picking at cuticle and hitting the front edge of nails.

Solution: Take enough protein 55 grams as well as supplement for vitamin A up to ten thousand IU in everyday. It can help nails metabolize protein effectively.  People can take 3 milligram of diet silicon in a day to help or increase strengthens of nails.

Vertical ridge

Cause: horizontal ridge will indicate mineral and vitamin deficiency as well as vertical ridge and malnutrition.

Solution: In order to smooth ridge, it is recommended to use few chamois buffer and almond oil to polish nails. Please do not buff of nails more than three or four times in a week because buffing process will remove thin layer of nails. Go stay away from conventional/traditional ridge filter to use synthetic chemicals likes’ polyester resin.


Cause: It is a result of nail framework and fingernail to expose warmth and dampness. It is micro-organism to develop and identify nail thickness. A part of nail is breaking away from nail bed, greenish, yellowish and messy nails.

Solutions: Soak of nail for fifteen minutes in anti-bacterial immaculate tea oil until all fungus go away completely. People can take two hundred milligram case of myrrh or anti-fungal herb for 3 times in a day.

Some extreme fatigue can be caused by this serious condition. It is recommended to visit your doctor and consult about fragile nails (hyperthyroidism/hypo), upward/bending nails (thyroid infection), yellow nails (chronic bronchitis), blue nail bed (blood flow issue), white nail bed (liver infection) and red nail bed (coronary illness).

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