Natural Energy Booster

May 10, 2014

Natural Energy Booster

Natural beverage “filled” with health, and helps with weight loss.
This really is a miraculous potion, with this your body will discard all toxins and increase your immunity, recover the digestive tract and will fill you with energy.

Natural Energy Booster

The best thing is that everything you need to make this juice you only 3 ingredients that can be obtained in each store :

Natural Energy Booster




-apple .

This drink is rich in

vitamins A, B and

C, helps your liver,

and cleans your

body from toxins .



Peel a lemon, four apples, and add fresh ginger.

Place all of the ingredients in a juicer and you’ll get a tasty beverage. If you want you can dilute it with water because it is very strong.

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