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November 9, 2014


Natural Remedies for arthritis, sciatica, rheumatism, sore knees, pain in the butt, hip pain, joint disease …

German-American “father” of the raw diet, and author of the book Living without the disease, Ernst Günther once published an interesting recipe for the treatment of arthritis, gout, sciatica, rheumatism and other inflammatory and painful conditions of the joints, hips, fingers and toes, knees and painful heel (thorn in the side).

Natural Remedies

This natural remedies is made in the form of coverings that are used on sore spots and acting directly on the place where the problem manifests itself.

Pads are made as follows:

All you need is potatoes, onions and flax seed. Dive into a full tablespoon of flaxseed in 2-3 oz of water. Water boil for ten minutes while flax seeds do not make starchy mixture.

At the same time a complete wash potatoes scrub it together with the choir. Scrub and medium onion. When water with flax seeds cooled, add the onions and potatoes and everything thoroughly. Wring excess liquid from the mixture.

If there are problems in the fingers or toes, or fifth place in a mixture of old gloves or socks on the hands or feet and slide over nylon bags that you tie so that excess liquid can not go out there.

On other parts of the body such as the hips, spine, ribs, knees, etc., We suggest that the first mixture wrapped in cheesecloth and place it on the affected area, and then the whole area wrap some bandage or plastic wrap for household composition that will hold tight to the affected area .

These coverings should be held at night, or sleeping on the diseased areas in the morning to throw a change wash with soap and water.

If the change is visible and onions you possibly irritate the skin or real redness, skin first can smear a very greasy cream or olive oil or you can step up a layer of gauze to the mixture. Simultaneously with the use of this coating with the outside should be regularly daily use of fish oil, which will operate from the inside.

Repeat the procedure whenever you can as long as this mass does not “pull out” the disease from the body.

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