10 Simple Natural Steps to Tighten Your Skin

January 25, 2016

Got your skin looks hanging from your face? Frustrated? Want to undergo surgery? Now, no need to walk on painful surgery anymore, since there are 10 simple natural steps to tighten your skin that will be described below:

10 Simple Natural Steps to Tighten Your Skin

These 10 simple natural steps will help tightening your skin and getting rid of wrinkles out from your body.

  1. Consume only health foods

The healthier your body, the tighter your skin. Start consuming only healthy foods and avoid junk foods. The healthy foods contain a lot of useful ingredients; minerals, vitamins, and various cancer-preventing properties. You should focus on what have been grown on the ground, I mean the vegetables. Don’t consume too much sugar and remember that you must be drinking at least 8 glasses of water every single day!

  1. Utilize the Astringent

You can tighten your skin by applying astringents topically over your skin. You must do it every single day until you get a satisfy result. By doing this, you can control the oil, pores, and wrinkles of your skin. By the way, you can make your own homemade astringent by using rosemary, juice, nectar, and witch hazel. These ingredients help closing the skin pores as well as turning back your skin to be smooth again.

  1. Have Some Facial Exercises

You can do some facial exercise to strengthen and tighten your skin. You can activate also your left unused muscles. By doing some facial exercises, you can fix the handing skin without undergoing any painful surgery. What you should focus on are muscles of eyes, neck, cheek, lips, and brow.

  1. More and more water

Water can help you to tighten your skin. Drinking water can keep your skin remains in a very good condition, that’s why you need to drink water in daily basis, as much as 10 glasses a day. By drinking 10 glasses a day, you can keep your skin saturated and hydrated and free of toxins.

  1. Consume Cucumber

The cucumber helps us to treat our skin tissue. How to use it? It’s easy, as you just need to crush a large part of cucumber and get its juice. Once you get the juice, apply it over your face and let your face dry.  Wait for a few minutes and wash and dry your face. This therapy will help you in treating your hanging skin as well as reducing your skin pores.

This can be used also to remove the wrinkles and remove such dark circles, crow’s feet, and puffiness.

  1. Use the Sunscreen

Too much exposed by sun will only cause things what called faster maturing, premature wrinkling, and hanging skin. The harmful UV rays support the wrinkles and crow’s feet. You should cover your face and neck skin from UV rays using a quality sunscreen. Do this every single day.

  1. Use the Face Tightening Mask

You can create your own homemade face tightening. You can use the lemon juice and egg white as its ingredients. Mix and blend them well into a foamy mixture. Once done, you can apply the foamy mixture over your skin and leave your skin for 15 to 20 minutes. After 20 minutes, you can wash your face using warm water. In addition, you can use various creams to fix your sagging skin. These are a few examples of useful creams which can be used against hanging and maturing skin.

– Coenzyme Q10
– Wakame extricate
– Avocado oil
– Grape seed oil

These creams above help increasing elastin and collagen levels. The increased elastin and collagen levels will promote the tighter skin. A lot of people use copper peptide creams to solve their sagging and maturing skin-related problems.

  1. Do Face Massaging Regularly

You should get your face massaged regularly. What you need is a facial back rub. It includes fixing the skin tissue and tightening the hanging skin. You can use aloe vera to rub your face and neck skin. You can also use castor oil for treating the wrinkles, cleaning your overall skin, as well as smoothing it.

  1. Use Natural Oils

You can use some natural oils to help you in improving your skin, and smoothing it. You can use the following oils:

– Jojoba oil
– Grape seed oil
– Avocado oil

You can get 20s look after use these oils in routine basis. It’s recommended for you to add them with Vitamin E and Shea margarine, such beneficial ingredients. The natural oils will protect your skin and fix your sagging and hanging skin. You can find some natural oils in a few quality moisturizers.

  1. Do Baking Soda Treatment

You must know what the baking soda is, but you might don’t know how useful it is for treating your hanging skin. Just mix it with water and apply the mixture on your skin, and you will get your dead skin cells removed, your face relaxed, and your pores reduced. You must ensure that your skin is not allergic of reactive to baking soda.

Try 10 simple natural steps above and you will get satisfy results without undergoing painful surgery. Getting rid of your hanging skin doesn’t mean you have to spend a lot of money and undergo painful surgery. All you can do in your own home. Let’s try these steps above and good luck!

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