Best DIY Natural Tanning Oil

July 17, 2015

Summer is here , why not enjoy in the sunbathing with homemade Tanning Oil.

Everything we put on the skin goes to our bloodstream. This is why we should use natural cosmetics even when it comes to tanning products.

DIY tanning oil

You can make this recipe by yourself and it contains precious ingredients for the skin – green walnuts, carrots and olive oil.

Having in mind that the Sun Protection Factor (SPF) of this oil is 5, it is recommended to use it when the skin is already tanned and the sun is weaker.



Chop the walnuts and grate the carrots. Cover them with the oil and put everything together in a jar.

Leave the jar standing in the sun for about a month, shaking it from time to time. After a month, drain the oil and transfer it to a small bottle.

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