How to Naturally Cure Thyroid Malfunction

April 10, 2015

The thyroid is a butterfly shaped gland that is located in the neck. Many functions in the body depend on this gland. It is believed that woman over the age of 35 have a 30% chance of having a thyroid malfunction.


About 30 million Americans struggle with thyroid issues.This is according to the American Association of Clinical Endocrinologist.

About half that struggle with this have not yet been diagnosed with it. It is said that woman are about 10 times more likely to suffer with this issue. 

A doctor should be notified if an individual sees any of these symptoms:

• skin dryness
• feeling exhausted
• changes in appetite
• changes in the way food tastes
• feelings of being nervous or impatient
• hypertension
• loss of libido
• irregular periods
• improper sleep cycles
• limb and muscle pains
• strange feeling in the neck
• hoarseness
• improper regulation of body temperature
• thinning hair
• problems with conceiving
• high cholesterol levels

The following home remedy can be used to help with thyroid malfunctions. It is especially good for those that are deficient in iodine. One dose of this can greatly improve an individual experiencing issues with the thyroid.


• 40 young walnuts

• 35 ounces raw honey

Wash the walnuts well. Dry them, and then make a few cuts onto the surface of the nut. One may also prick them with a sharp needle. Place the walnuts in a mason jar, add the raw honey, then leave the jar in a spot that receives sunlight without closing the jar.

Keep the jar in this spot for 40 days, strain after the 40 days are up, and then keep the liquid in a glass bottle or jar.


kamla - April 12, 2015

I am suffering with hypo thyroid problem since 7_8 years.I will try these remedies.I hope it will work.thanks.

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