How to Naturally Remove Nicotine From the Body

March 12, 2015

How to Naturally Remove Nicotine From the Body

Nicotine will be released in the body in the bloodstream, but will fully exit the body within 6 to 8 hours, usually done when urinating. Nicotine, however, is stored in the body. It will take 20 to 30 days for the by product of nicotine to leave the body.

How to Naturally Remove Nicotine From the Body

However, the more vitamin C a person has incorporated into the diet, the better the individual has for releasing the nicotine. Fruits and vegetables will accelerate the metabolism, which will help remove the nicotine from the blood faster.

A survey done by 1,000 smokers that were 25 years and older was conducted. Fourteen months after the start of the survey, participants were asked if they had not smoked in the previous month.

The individuals that ate the most fruits and vegetables for a month were 3 times more likely to stay away from nicotine than those that ate smaller amounts. These individuals smoked less during the day as well and scored better on a nicotine dependency test.

The main reason for those eating more fruits and vegetables and having an easier time quitting smoking is that they make a smoker feel sated. Often times those who smoke will confuse being hungry with wanting a smoke. Fruits and vegetables can also make the taste of nicotine bad. And a healthier lifestyle will often make a smoker want to give up an unhealthy habit.

Try any one of these drinks and foods that will help with nicotine.

• Water which will hydrate the body and help an individual sweat out the nicotine
• vegetables which will increase the cigarette taste, which will make an individual not want to smoke as bad.
• Nettle which has lots of iron and is great for combating infections
• kiwi helps purges nicotine from the body.
• Pine needle tea, which can help with lung health
• oranges which are high in vitamin C
• Spinach helps make tobacco taste bad
• broccoli which helps to protect the lungs from damage
• carrot juice helps to repair the skin damage done by nicotine

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