This Is Why You Should Never Drink Water With Ice

May 24, 2016

If you eat outside your home, do not order ice water at any cost. There are various reasons why you should never do that.
This Is Why You Should Never Drink Water With Ice

Use your imagination to recognize what kind of consequences there will be on your skin and body if you dive into mountain lake whose surface is covered with melted ice. Although the temperature is comfortable and the weather is good, the water in the lake is extremely cold.

When you use warm water your pores open and the skin relaxes. On contrary, if your skin gets in contact with cold water it constricts and the pores close. The same results happen in the digestive system.

Consequences of drinking cold water

  • The iced water lead the blood vessels in the digestive system into becoming smaller, that is why the digestive system is dehydrated and restricted.
  • After you drink cold water, your body reacts with regulation of the temperature and uses great amount of energy. Because of the lack of energy the digestive system is not able to absorb nutrients and digest food as well as causing water loss.
  • When drinking water with ice immediately after your meal, there can be creation of mucus inside your body. The effect will be low function of the immune system and the risk of being cold or catch other illness is very high.
  • Another consequence is becoming fat because of drinking water or other beverages while or after eating. Your body cannot digest the fats and they remain inside.

The common thought of people is that cold water can promote better digestion and burns more calories, but that obviously is not correct. We should not overload our system since it can cause difficulties in the most important process and ease its work.

Warm water benefits

There are some benefits from warm or room temperature water listed below:

  • Digestion improvement since there is a stimulation of the digestive enzymes
  • Purification of the blood
  • Easier food break down
  • Improved movement through the gut (drink a mix of luke water and one lemon in the morning)
  • Faster hydration
  • Natural detoxification increase through the skin, lymphatic system, and kidneys.

The benefits of drinking warm water will appear when you get used to drinking it. Your sugar cravings may disappear as well.

Source: choosehealthylife

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