This is Why You Should Never Put Tilapia In Your Mouth Again (from cancer to inflammation)

June 14, 2016

The most common fish eaten in every family is the tilapia. It is the favorite fish in US, when it comes to farmed one. This can change rapidly since many studies show that it has quite negative effect on our health and it is all proved. The tilapia farming in China seems to affect the public health as well as the environment.

This is Why You Should Never Put Tilapia In Your Mouth Again (from cancer to inflammation)

It is very easy for one to find it and it is quite cheap as well. The fish itself can be found in both ways boneless or skinless. What makes it perfect is the great taste which has no fishy taste at all but a unique one.

But if you go back to the place it is farmed and the way of cultivating it, the problem occurs. You may think of the wild tilapia as a more healthy one, but it is almost impossible to find this type in the restaurants. It is the same situation with the markets, and the only way you can find it is a farm-bred pieces with low price.

While the wild tilapia has the algae and lake plants, the farmed one is raised without them, meaning the food is not natural at all. Therefore, the farm-raised tilapia do not have the healthy fish oils we all need. Moreover, the farm-bred tilapia has no health benefits so that is why its consumption is of no use to us.

Why it is unhealthy?


Several studies claim that this kind of fish may cause inflammation of high rate. The farm-raised tilapia can worsen the already gained inflammation as a result of health problems such as heart disease, arthritis or asthma.

Many people are thinking that they get the necessary omega-3 fats from tilapia, but this is not quite correct. These fats are believed to protect the heart from many related diseases as well as lowering the risk of heart attack, but tilapia can only make the situation worse. The fact that it can be more risky to eat tilapia then smoked bacon or hamburgers is quite terrifying.

The wild tilapia is safe for consummation since it has no chemicals or carcinogens, unlike the farm-raised one. In the farmed fish there are traces of nitrofuran and a dye, malachite green. All these constituents are quite dangerous for our health since they are carcinogens with harmful effect.

Pesticides and antibiotics

You should never mention pesticides, antibiotics and fish farming in a speech. But, the tilapia is combined with these two elements and it is proved many times. The farm-raised fish is bred in ponds which are very small and prone to many diseases.

Because of this the fish take antibiotics in order to be protected from inflammation and antibiotics, while pesticides are usual food which are used to eliminate sea lice. The pesticides are very harmful not only for us but also for our environment since it can go into the sea and cause troubles.

The result would be intoxicated sea and everything in it, causing great problems to the seafood lovers.

Low omega-3 to omega-6 ratio

When compared with the wild type, the farm-raised tilapia is low in healthy nutrients. The wild species are more healthier since the farmed one has low or no omega fats (omega-3 and omega-6) at all. The researchers show that the farmed tilapia has 1 to 11 ratio of omega-6 and omega-3 fats, which is really low.

As we all know the regular consumption of omega-6 fatty acids can help our body to fight against many inflammations and diseases. The main reason for the fish having bad effect on our body is the fact that the fatty acids are not balanced.

High dioxin level

Finally, the last element harmful enough is the dioxin which is highly present in the farm-raised fish. For more precise information, the dioxin can cause liver malfunction or skin lesions if only little exposed to it.

If you are longer exposed to dioxin you can experience improper reproductive function, poor immunity or problems with endocrine and nervous system. The chronic exposure can lead to making cancer cells.

What you need to bare in mind is the fact that the farm-bred fish do not have the essential nutrients which are necessary for proper function of our body. Our advice is to try wild tilapia or even more healthier type of fish to gain all benefits.

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