Why You Should Never Throw Away Pasta Water

November 17, 2016

If you cook it right, pasta can be a delicious mouth-watering dish that can accompany a lot of other dishes, garnishes and so on. Pasta is very easy to cook and prepare. You only need a pot full of boiling water and a little bit of salt for seasoning.

You don’t need gallons of water to cook pasta. The secret to cooking it is less water. The taste of pasta is all in the starch it releases while cooking. The less water you use the more starch they will retain and the more delicious they will be.


The water in which you cook your past is an amazing by product that we usually throw down the drain. That is something we have to stop doing since this water can help you even more. You can use it for many things and make your sauces more delicious.

Here is all that you can use it for:

  1. Water Flowers

This water is quite nutritious and it can be very beneficial for any plant. Your flowers will thank you and they will get important nutrients from the water and the soil. You should not use scalding hot pasta water. Let it cool first and then water.

  1. For Sauce And Pesto

It is a golden liquid that can combine all the ingredients together very well.

  1. Pizza Dough And Bread

Whenever you want to make a homemade pizza dough or bread, remember that pasta water can make them even more delicious. In every yeast-dough you need water and salt, and in this way you are already set!

  1. Hair

Surprising but very useful. Massaging the roots of the hair with pasta water can repair damaged hair and dry hair. Shampoo normally after massaging.

  1. Feet Spa

Soak your feet in warm pasta water to reduce swelling and make the skin softer.

Source: healthyandnaturalhouse

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