The New Sinus Infection Treatment You Haven’t Heard About Yet (Works better than antibiotics!)

May 25, 2016

Sinus infections are painful and troublesome issue which causes great effect on everyone’s life or, even on a daily basis and is a well known condition. In number of situations, medicines can be prescribed to patients for loosening the difficulties but, on contrary, it is quite sure that the side effects consequences are less than good leading to serious consequences.

The New Sinus Infection Treatment You Haven’t Heard About Yet (Works better than antibiotics!)Antibiotic specifically, in some way help remove the bad bacteria but the ones are affected too. Bad bacteria can enter easily in the nasal cavity because it is not fully protected as the good bacteria is already diminished.

Taking into account, Dr. Mas Takashima discovered new solution for relieving and preventing the sinus infection symptoms. The treatment he found consists of regular probiotic nasal rinses and making irrigation’s with a baby shampoo.

He says that this method has not been used before and is it a new way of treating bacteria. The treatments are effective on acute and chronic sinuses. Patients cannot believe their eyes while trying the protocol and see the surprising results without medicines.

The theory is that baby shampoo irrigation can wash the nasal cavity and break down the oily layers which encourage the bad bacteria to emerge. While baby shampoo can get through the barrier, saline irrigation does not have the identical result.

Washing our hands with soap and not only plain water is the concept, as we teach our children, used in the same way with the sinuses.

For obtaining better results, combine half a teaspoon of baby shampoo and eight ounces of saline. By preparing your own saline, you should mix full teaspoon of baking soda and three overfilled teaspoon of salt inside a small zipped bag. Next, put one teaspoon of the mixture in distilled or boiled water (approx. eight ounces) and half teaspoon baby shampoo in a cup.

Dip a head of nasal or ear syringe in the mixture and, with great caution, flush the nostrils.

The probiotic rinse can protect the good bacteria and fight over the bad bacteria. The preparation is the same as for the saline solution but, instead of baby shampoo you will use probiotic capsule.

The doctor says that many healthy patients claim no steroids or existing antibiotics are helpful for this issue.

The remedy must be found since it is of utmost help for many people and doctor Takashima was encouraged to find one.

He claims that probiotics are, in fact, very useful since they restore the healthy bacteria, and stop the gathering of bad ones. Still, you must make a visit in your doctor’s office since he can prescribe the exact dose recommended for you, instead of you guessing it at home.

Here are some the baby shampoos recommended for this method from Dr. Takashima:

  • Exederm Non-Irritating Baby Shampoo
  • California Baby Super Sensitive Shampoo & Body Wash (Fragrance-Free)
  • Burt’s Bees Baby Bee Fragrance-Free Shampoo & Wash
  • California Baby Shampoo & Body Wash (Tea Tree & Lavender)
  • Aveeno Baby Wash & Shampoo with Natural Oat Extract

Try this effective solution by Dr. Takashima and make your unpleasant feeling from infected sinuses as pleasant as possible.

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