Nine Wrong Sign For Your Health

December 9, 2015

There is true warning if something wrong happen with your health. It is time to listen to your own body.

Nine wrong sign for your Health

There are some subtle sign that wrong signal to your health to be consideration to preventing health problem and feeling well in the future.

Here are some wrong signal that tell you something wrong with your own health and how to cure that problem.

Tip one. Gaining weight around waist.
Sign : It can give you high risk of diabetes development and metabolic syndrome condition if it condition is higher than thirty seven inches or ninety pour centimeter for man and thirty one inches or eighty centimeter for woman. The risk is higher if waist condition is bigger that forty inches or one hundred two centimeter for man and thirty four inches or eighty eight centimeter for woman.

With this high rate of obesity and it can associated waist circum and diabetes which it can give people health problem with low concentration, tiredness, short term drinking water, urinating and affect for people vision, life expectancy and circulation.

Prevention : take exercise on regular basis and do healthy diet. Talk to your own doctor for type 2 diabetes test.

Tip two. Yellow spot around elbow and eyes
Sign : It is called as xanthelasma and due fatty deposit under skin. It can be see if your cholesterol level is high. The blood test can explain this health problem depend on dietary intervention and regular exercise people have done to reduce this problem. The raise level of cholesterol can associated with heart problem, brain dysfunction, stroke and heart attack.

Tip three. Dark circle of eyes
Sign : Having few times to sleep can cause to this risk. The dark circle of eyes is also can due to rubbing nose, itching eyes and allergies.

Prevention : working out such as; house dust mite and anti allergy medication if itching eyes is frequently.

Tip four. Itching feet
Sign : The damp environment can cause itching feet and increase fungal infection. People can notice white scaly/damp rash between toes and under feet

Prevention : take anti fungal cream

Tip five. Corner crack of mouth
Sign : This condition will be happen if people didn’t get enough vitamin B and iron supply. It will become infected when the mouth dry and cracked.

Prevention : take moisturizer and topical treatment

Tip six. Itching rash
Sign : If this didn’t improve despite by using cream, it can be gluten sensitive condition where human body react to gluten protein. It can affect to line of gut and make difficult to absorb nutrient and skin is also can be affected.

Prevention : visit the doctor and take simple blood test for celiac diseases. If you get positive result, you can buy gluten free food

Tip seven. Thinning of hair
Sign : this condition show people didn’t have enough iron supply especially for woman can be problematic health diseases and become anemic. Getting thyroid is also can affect to hair problem

Prevention : take blood test and supplement

Tip eight. Brittle of nail
Sign : This condition is happen when people expose nail to wet and damp condition when using nail polish.

Prevention : using moisturizing nail on regular basis and supplement with vitamin B7 or biotin. Take advise from your doctor if this condition continue to thyroid problem, fungal infection, arthritis and psoriasis problem.

Tip nine. Constipation
Sign : This condition show people need water and fiber in their diet. It needed soluble fiber to prevent constipation and low cholesterol level. The soluble fiber can cause bloating and wind.

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