Why Use Noni Juice?

November 18, 2014

Why Use Noni Juice?

There are two basic things that people can do in order to improve their overall health – physical activity and diet. For most people, physical activity is a matter of motivation. However, practicing a healthy diet is a matter of habit, self-awareness and education. Establishing healthy habits in order to improve health should be number one on your list of priorities. Noni Juice

Noni juice is a great addition to the diet of any person that takes care of their health. Noni juice is produced from a tropical plant called noni (or morinda citrifolia) which grows in Tahiti. The indigenous people of these islands located in French Polynesia are using this plant because of its healing properties for more than two millenniums.

Today, thanks to modern technology the beneficial properties of noni plant have been scientifically proven and this is why many pharmaceutical companies have decided to produce products based on noni plant. Noni contains over 150 biologically active ingredients and each of them has a specific role in the process of improvement of human health.

It is good to point out that this plant can be found in other places in and near the Pacific Ocean like Hawaii, the Philippines and Indonesia but numerous studies have confirmed that the ones found in French Polynesia are more efficient. This information could be useful for those who are planning to but noni juice because this juice is not produced by only one company and different companies use noni from different places.

Now let’s highlight the main benefits of using noni juice.

Benefits for the hair – One of the most important benefits of using noni juice are the benefits that this juice brings to the skin. There is a reason why people who live in French Polynesia have such smooth skin even though they are exposed to sun throughout the day.

Drinking noni juice can rejuvenate and revive skin cells. It also adds smoothness and provides enough moisture to the skin. Noni juice has proven to be effective in cases of acne and pimples too. Many people create creams from noni juice and apply it directly on the skin.

Benefits for the skin – Noni juice is very efficient in cases of hair loss too. This might not be a direct health benefit but people who are suffering from hair loss tend to become introverted and this dissatisfaction with their appearance brings them stress. By drinking noni juice you can prevent hair loss and you can also use noni based creams and shampoos in order to get external effects too.

Noni Juice

Immune system – Some experts describe noni juice as a natural immune booster. With the help of this juice your body will fight viruses and bacteria more efficiently.

Blood pressure – High blood pressure is a medical condition often linked with modern fast paced lifestyle. A glass of noni juice each day can lower the high blood pressure and prevent the occurrence of more serious health issues.

Noni plant contains scopoletin – a coumarin which expand and relax the blood vessels leading to lower blood pressure.

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