Not Salt or Sugar, This is the Scariest White Poison that We Eat Every Day!

June 8, 2016

Take a look at the sodium glutamate E621, additive that is part of the foods served in many restaurants for intensifying the flavor and used in large amounts.

Not Salt or Sugar, This is the Scariest White Poison that We Eat Every Day!It resembles to sugar and salt, and it is called white crystalline powder because of its crystal form. It has taste as a soup with meat, when dissolved in water. Every food can have it in its consistency since it  makes you feel like you want to eat more and can lead to obesity and overeating.

Sodium glutamate used to stimulate the brain with the effect as similar as a drug. Easily changes the genes which are responsible for the sense of taste and can penetrate to the blood in no time.

It can be found in hot dogs, cans, sausages, chips, beer and prepared soups as well as many other processed foods. The dose which is safe for an adult is one point five grams per day and half gram for children.

Nowadays, this supplement is used over 200 thousand tons all over the world. The symptoms of overdosing with E621 are called Chinese restaurant syndrome and the conditions are visual disturbances, migraine, hormonal imbalance, dizziness, nausea, chest pain and weakness.

Ikeda Kikunae in 1907 in Japan discovered that this substance increases the taste of food.

Not only does the substance enhances the natural flavor of the food but it improves the aroma and taste of the fast food, frozen products and canning.

The Americans buy more food as a result of the sodium glutamate since it become very popular. Researchers made experiment in which this substance is given to mice and the result was lost of their eyesight.

The most negative consequence that this supplement can cause is the effect on the receptors in the tongue, which as time passes are not able to feel the taste of food.

In many cases people cannot stop eating harmful food like prepared soups, chocolate, chips and many more because of this element.

It can cause addiction therefore people buy more of the food consisting it and this is very beneficial for the producers since their industry grows and the sales are profitable.

The food industry uses E621 because it has benefit from its sales and can trick people into buying this unhealthy food.

Read the information on the packages and be careful with the buying since you can gain only health problems. Eat the natural ingredients and use spices good for your health.

Source: healthyfoodandhomeremedies

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