Why You Should Not Say No To Cantaloupe

July 28, 2015

Cantaloupes do not look like the best fruit to eat as they are rough and have irregular skin.  But once they are sliced open, this opinion often changes.  They are a fantastic shade of orange in the center.

This orange color says that fruit is full of antioxidants, and are full of nutrients.  They offer many health benefits as well.


Cantaloupes can help your eyes from UV rays that are harmful, as well as the skin.  Yes, we apply sunscreen to our skin to help safeguard us against the sun, but eating this orange fruit can also help.

The reason cantaloupes protect our skin from UV rays is due to the zeaxanthins found in them.  This yellow cartonoid can also help protect the eyes from UV rays.  They will also help to keep the eyes healthy as they are loaded with vitamin A, coming in with 112% of the daily recommended value for a 100 gram serving.

This fruit can also help protect the body against infections.  They are chock full of vitamin C, with as much as 36.7 milligrams in a 100 gram serving.  This is 61% of the daily allowance of vitamin C.

Devouring antelope has proven to help those that are loosing weight.  Dice them up and eat them as is or add them to a salad.  Include exercise and you can easily shed some weight.

Diabetics should also include these into their diet in moderation.  They are low in calories and are very high in fiber.  They are one of the best fruits that a diabetic can eat. These fruits are mainly water so they will prevent spikes in blood glucose levels.

Cantaloupes can also help lower high blood pressure and help with heart disease when eaten on a regular basis.  They contain 267 milligrams of potassium which helps to keep the heart rate normal.

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