Orange Juice Is Disappearing From the American Breakfast Table

October 26, 2016

The drink that was considered staple part of every breakfast and cereal in America is now being deemed as a scam and people are slowly turning away from it. The popularity of orange juice is waning.

Awareness grows between the population as new information come to light. Nutritionists deem the orange juice “no better than carbonated drinks, soda and sweetened beverages”. The nutritional value has decreased and it is currently the biggest scam on the market.

According to facts 300ml of orange juice contain 27 grams of sugar, 2.4 grams of protein and 34 grams of carbohydrates. That is almost the same as one bag of M&M’s.

The sales of the orange juice have drastically lowered to 13% less than before and the worst decline in popularity and consummation is in Florida, a place that was one of the greatest orange juice producers.

Problems occurred in the growing part of the process. Growers and farmers of this fruit have been experiencing problems like bacteria and that is one other reason for orange processing plants to shut down. Florida that once was home to a lot of manufacturing plants now has just 7.

The root of the problem probably is the manufacturing process other than the other environmental problems. During the processing time the orange juice loses its fiber, proteins and all other essential nutrients that make one glass of juice good for you at the start of the day.

The family citrus fruit growers are now at a turning point and have serious decisions to make. They have almost reached a point where there are no more risks to take and no tolerance of it in order to continue growing and caring for this fruit.

Te interesting fact is that this is a time when American breakfast is actually on the rise and more people are deciding to eat breakfast away from their homes, but somehow the orange juice consumption and sales are dramatically decreased.

Nevertheless there are still other alternatives to this juice like healthy smoothies made of other kinds of fruit.

Source: businessinsider

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