People are Going Crazy for Pink Himalayan Salt — Here’s Why it’s a Waste of Money

May 11, 2016

What is the Himalayan pink salt?

People are Going Crazy for Pink Himalayan Salt — Here’s Why it’s a Waste of MoneyPink Himalayan salt is often regarded as the purest salt in the world and is also the most expensive. The salt is commonly mined in Punjab, Pakistan, particularly in the location of Khewra Salt Mine. In Pakistan, the salt is dubbed the “white gold.”

In recent years, it got a great demand by Americans and it has become an important part of the spa, some food menu, and design process of luxury houses (used to make salt rock lamp).

This salt can be purchased at several popular retailers, such as Whole Foods, Walmart, and Amazon. They sell them at expensive prices, approximately 20 times more expensive than generic table salt.

Why is Himalayan pink salt so special?

Starting from 200 million years ago, sea salt crystals in the Himalayan area stuck in lava and buried under the snow. The salt was first discovered several hundred years ago. Until now, this salt is processed by hand, making it the purest salt has ever known.

Seafloor condition is the main reason why Himalayan salt is very rich in minerals, more than 80 minerals, including zinc, boron, phosphorus, and bromine.

The Himalayan salt crystals have a size larger than regular table salt crystals and also do not have as much sodium per serving owned by table salt.

Dr. Oz believes that this salt can improve the respiratory system, strengthen bone, overcome sinus, improve the condition of libido, and more.

However, Rene Ficek, a nutrition expert of Seattle Sutton Healthy Eating says that the health claims of pink salt are exaggerated. According Ficek, the minerals provided by Himalayan salt have been supplied also by the variety of foods we consume daily.


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